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All-Natural Basket Fillers

Our Aspen wood Excelsior is 100% natural and biodegradable, making it perfect for all your craft and floral projects.  Our thinly shaved wood is the ideal nesting material for gift baskets and boxes.

  • Premium Quality
  • 100% All-Natural
  • Direct From the Source
  • Excellent Packing Material


Aspen Wood Excelsior Ribbon Cut

Aspen Wood Excelsior Ribbon Cut

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Aspen Wood Excelsior Fine Cut

Aspen Wood Excelsior Fine Cut

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Aspen Wood Excelsior Blends Ribbon Cut

Aspen Wood Excelsior Blends Ribbon Cut

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 Perfect for All of Your Projects

Elevate your baskets, centerpieces, and more.

Sustainable Practices

Our products are sourced responsibly, from our packaging to our selections.

Family Safe

We use non-toxic, color-enhancing dyes that are suitable for indoor use.

Natural Products

Our eco-friendly Excelsior is made from 100% natural biodegradable Aspen wood.


Custom products with a quick turnaround time are delivered directly to your door. 


No pesticides are used at any point during the development of our products.

Family- Owned 

A proud family-owned business that has been serving customers since 1977.

Ideal for Craft Projects

Decorative filler for party favors, gift bags, and more!

  • Low-Maintenace

It gives a soft, pliable feel that is perfect for plants, decoration, packaging, and more!

  • Perfect for Nesting

Soft yet sturdy material that provides a cushioned surface for nesting. 

  • Ideal for Packaging

Our Excelsior has micro ridges which naturally interlock and create the perfect cushioning.

  • Biodegradable

It is made of 100% biodegradable materials that can be safely composted after use.

  • All Natural

An exciting natural liner for presents, gift baskets, and picnic baskets

  • Long-Lasting

It has a cellulose base, so it's long-lasting and sustains watering.

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