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Mood Moss

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Natural Mood Moss

Our dye-free Natural Mood Moss provides a blank canvas for your design ideas, it is carefully curated to preserve its original hues. This moss is hand-selected and guaranteed to add a touch of organic charm to any space, ensuring an effortlessly fresh aesthetic.

Preserved Mood Moss

Sourced from the heart of pristine environments our Preserved Mood Moss undergoes a meticulous preservation process, locking in its lush green hues and delicate texture. Each piece is preserved with precision, guaranteeing a uniform and luxurious appearance throughout its lifespan.

Uses For Mood Moss:

  • Moss Walls: Create stunning moss walls that serve as natural, textural backdrops in homes, offices, or commercial spaces.
  • Artistic Installations: Whether it's a centerpiece for a table, a hanging sculpture, or a unique wall art piece, the moss can be shaped and arranged to suit your creative vision.
  • Terrariums and Dioramas: Use mood moss to bring miniature landscapes to life in terrariums or dioramas.
  • Retail Displays: Whether it's for showcasing products or creating a nature-inspired shopping experience, the moss adds a touch of greenery and sophistication.
  • Home Decor Accents: Use it in decorative bowls, vases, or frames to add a natural and calming element to your living spaces.
  • Office Environments: Foster a more productive and calming workspace by incorporating mood moss into office environments by creating moss-covered bulletin boards, wall panels, or desk accessories to add a touch of greenery.
  • Photography and Film Sets: Its natural texture and color can contribute to creating visually appealing and authentic scenes, especially in outdoor or nature-themed shoots.

Moss Wall Coverage: One Standard Box of Mood Moss covers approximately 4-5 sq. ft. (dependent on the thickness of the application).

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