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Mossy Mat Peel & Stick Moss

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Our Mossy Mat peel-and-stick moss is made from unique materials that can be used to cover a variety of surfaces. Its paper backing makes it easy to trace, cut, and glue, making it a perfect choice for any project or craft! This one-of-a-kind moss mat is designed to effortlessly transform a myriad of surfaces, adding a touch of natural charm to your projects.

Crafted with precision and creativity in mind, the Mossy Mat Peel & Stick Moss boasts a convenient grid paper backing. This user-friendly feature makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects and crafts, allowing you to explore your artistic vision with ease.

Whether you're enhancing home decor, creating stunning DIY displays, or adding a natural element to your crafting pursuits, our Mossy Mat Peel & Stick Moss is the perfect companion. The peel-and-stick functionality ensures a hassle-free application, letting you focus on bringing your imaginative concepts to life.

Uses For Mossy Mat Peel & Stick Moss:

  • Wall Art: Transform plain surfaces such as walls, furniture, or photo frames to create unique and natural-looking accents for your home.
  • Personalized Signage: Craft unique and eye-catching signage for events, businesses, or personal spaces, incorporating the Mossy Mat for a distinctive and natural appeal.
  • Botanical and Garden-themed Events: Use the Mossy Mat to enhance the aesthetics of garden parties, nature-themed events, or outdoor weddings, creating a lush and enchanting atmosphere.
  • School Projects: Ideal for school assignments and science projects, the Mossy Mat can be used to represent natural elements in dioramas or to enhance educational displays.
  • Event and Party Decor: Create eye-catching backdrops or table centerpieces for special occasions, weddings, or themed parties, adding a touch of greenery to the festivities.
  • Retail Visual Merchandising: Use the Mossy Mat to design attention-grabbing window displays, moss walls or in-store setups, creating a visually appealing and unique atmosphere for shoppers.
  • Photography Backdrops: Add depth and texture to your photography sessions by using the Mossy Mat as a backdrop for nature-themed photo shoots or product photography.

The Quality Growers’ Difference

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Sustainably Harvested

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Safe & Nontoxic

Our color-enhanced and preserved mosses are made with nontoxic dyes.

Beautiful & All-Natural

Our product lines help reinvigorate your home, garden, or office space.


All products are produced without pesticides.


Our premium mosses are expertly made with love.


We are a family-owned company that is proudly rooted in the USA.

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