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Preserved Botanicals

Cholla Wood

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Introducing our premium Cholla Wood, a natural and aesthetically pleasing addition to enhance your air plant display, aquarium or terrarium environment. Sourced from the dried husks of the Cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia), this unique and eco-friendly decorative element offers numerous benefits for your air plants or aquatic habitat. The irregular shape and intricate patterns of the Cholla Wood add an authentic touch to your setup, creating a visually appealing and stimulating environment. This all-natural product is free from harmful chemicals and additives. The unique patterns and shapes of the wood create an interesting and artistic backdrop for showcasing your air plants. Easy to use and customize, our Cholla Wood pieces are carefully selected, cleaned, and ready for immediate placement. Cholla Wood is an ideal choice to add both functional and decorative elements.

One bag includes 4 pieces.

Each piece of Cholla Wood is approximately 6.5 inches tall and 1-2 inches wide.

Due to the nature of the product, variations may occur.

Bag size 7 x 9 inches.

Uses for Cholla Wood:

  • Cholla Wood's intricate and unique shapes make it an attractive natural decoration for aquariums and terrariums.
  • Cholla Wood is perfect for placing succulents in a small space without soil.
  • Enhance any patio, house or office by adding air plants (tillandsia) to our unique and beautiful Cholla wood. The many holes in the Cholla wood are perfect for attaching air plants.
  • The porous nature of Cholla Wood promotes air circulation around the air plants. This is crucial for their health, as proper air flow helps prevent the accumulation of excess moisture, reducing the risk of rot and ensuring optimal growth conditions.
  • Cholla Wood has the ability to absorb and release water slowly. By misting or soaking the wood periodically, you can provide a source of hydration for your air plants. This is particularly beneficial in drier environments or for air plants that require more moisture.
  • Cholla Wood's lightweight and buoyant nature make it easy to arrange in various positions. Create hanging displays, tabletop arrangements, or wall-mounted designs with ease, allowing you to showcase your air plants in unique and eye-catching ways.
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